Dumpster Love Bicycle Panniers

Dumpster Love Homemade Panniers

(by the Putrid Peddler–not an affiliate with Velo Apocalypse, but a great job on some homemade panniers. Also mentioned in our Homemade Bicycle Panniers article on the articles page. Click the link below to access a pdf file of instructions.

Click for full pdf instructions: dumpsterlovepanniers

2 Responses to Dumpster Love Bicycle Panniers

  1. Hey everyone!

    I am the designer builder of the german army surplus panniers as well as the author of the dumpsterlovepanniers….I have to thank you again for posting the article, and your support.

    Just wanted to let everyone know, I took a BRUTAL three day mountain bike tour on my Atlantis, with the panniers carrying about 15-17 lbs each on the rear (my normal load). I only used one set, on the rear with some smaller ortliebs on the front. 55 miles of Oregon Cascades single track, with lots of small drops, rock gardens, a half day of downhill horse trails, (can you say, “rrroouugghh……?) My hands are numb, but the panniers survived brilliantly. I tried to be especially brutal in abusing them. I rode a tight trail that was about 12 miles long in one section, that was overgrown with manzanita brush. The panniers got 12 miles of being stabbed, poked, raked over and drug through the brush. I also rode through gaps of big rocks wide enough for my bike, but not the panniers. A couple of times I came to a abrupt stop, but most of the time, I just bashed through.

    I also wanted to let everyone know, that they survived being washed at the local laundromat. I just connected all the buckles, threw them in a tumble washer and washed them on the hottest longest cycle. No problem. No separation of the glue and panel, or any other problems. (I washed them before the trip). So if that jar of jelly, that lost it’s lid, spills it’s stickiness over the inside of the bag, you can clean it…

    One last comment. Life is becoming “plain”. So decorate your bags! Maybe someday we can have a Oregon cascades bike tour/pannier art festival!



    Peace to all. Also, if you have questions or comments, please contact me at treefire_1@yahoo.com

  2. Boutros Boutros says:

    Wicked stuff champ. I just found these exact bags down at my local disposal store, brand spanking tough and new.

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