Clients’ Bikes

A sample of the bikes we have worked on. Click on the name to see a photo set (if applicable).

  1. Bianchi Volpe
  2. Giant Iguana (White, mixte, late 1980’s)
  3. Giant Rincon (Green, late 1990’s)
  4. Specialized Globe (First Generation, mid 1990’s, highly modified)
  5. Specialized Hard Rock (Black)
  6. Raleigh International (Orange, early 1970’s, parts upgraded)
  7. Raleigh International (Grey/champagne (“mink”), parts upgraded)
  8. Raleigh Super Course (Green, early 1970’s, parts upgrade and 650b conversion)
  9. Raleigh Twenty 001 (Maroon (“tobacco”), highlymodified)
  10. Raleigh Twenty 002 (Electric blue, stock)
  11. Raleigh Twenty 003 (Green)
  12. Trek 1420 (“Blurple, early Y2K’s)
  13. Trek 720 (Grey, 1980’s)
  14. Specialized Rock Hopper (Powder blue, early Y2K’s)
  15. Mongoose DX 3-3 (Grey)
  16. Giant Iguana (Olive, mid Y2K’s)
  17. Nick Nichols custom frame fixed gear.

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