Homemade bicycle panniers.

26, June, 2007

One of our clients read about some homemade panniers on our articles page and decided to use one of the examples as inspiration for his own panniers (click here to see the inspiration) and (click here to see his 1974 Raleigh Super Course fully loaded with his homemade panniers and Carradice bags). The German alpine backpacks that are (optionally) modified are available unused from Cabella’s for about $20.00 each + circa $11.00 shipping for four (so it works out to about $90.91 with shipping for a bike’s worth of panniers). Granted, we can get awesome bicycle-specific bags from Delta (Delta Compact or Delta Expedition), but the military surplus bags are so cool and bad a**, we’d probably recommend Cabela’s bags even though we will never see a dime for it. Moreover, these bags are a rather acceptable match for the green Carradice seatbags. There are myriad ways of mounting these bags over a rack. We recommend as little modification from stock as possible, because these packs could fill a host of non-bicycle purposes. Those who are not comfortable with sling-over design and bungee cords can get Jandd or Ortlieb spares for mounting panniers. No,we have no interest in linking to those companies’ spare parts pages.



Vintage Raleigh Twenty parts on hand.

25, June, 2007

We have some extra parts left over from some Raleigh Twenty conversions over the years. Those into the Twenty scene know what tends to get replaced when these bikes are upgraded with modern parts. The leftover parts–from bottom brackets to handlebars, pedals, cranks, original red-wall tires–are often important pieces to those wishing to restore beat-up Twenty bikes back to their original state. We have some of these remnant parts. Email us if you are looking for a particular part, but only expect a “yes” or “no” email response (or no reply at all). We will not answer queries if you are looking for Raleigh Twenty frames, fenders, racks, chainguards, wheelsets, integral bits that usually stay with conversions, etc.. If, however, enough customers were interested in obtaining a basic Raleigh Twenty-inspired frame, we might be able to find a local framebuilder to take on a large-scale project, perhaps with C&C couplings in lieu of the original style hinge.



Two new 650b conversion projects in queue.

1, June, 2007

1) Mid-1980’s Bianchi Premio;

2) Mid-1980’s Trek